Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stanley visits Max's class and goes to Silver Falls!

Remember I told you Stanley was going to meet Max's class? Well, he did that last week. It was quite exciting for everyone. Max's class looked at Stanley's blog and thought he got to do quite a few fun things. I'd have to agree. Here's a picture of Max at the entrance to the school.

Here he is with Max in the school's garden and near the bulletin board where he read all about their cool garden space. They do composting there, and they have birdhouses and other great stuff.

Then Elizabeth and Max took Stanley to Silver Falls State Park to go for a hike. Silver Falls is Oregon's largest State Park. It's really beautiful there. They have lots of hiking trails that go past many waterfalls and even behind some of them. Some of the paths are very steep, and Stanley was a little nervous, but everyone was careful and everyone stayed safe.

Stanley wanted to get a close up view of the top of this waterfall, so Uncle Bob helped him get a good look.

If you'd like to watch a short video about Silver Falls to see more of the beautiful falls, here's one for you to take a look at:

Hope you have a great week at school. WORK hard and learn lots!

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