Friday, February 13, 2009

We loved having you here, Stanley!

This photo is all about LOVE, since tomorrow's Valentine's Day, and we really did LOVE having Stanley here. We had so much fun showing him all around Oregon and doing fun, crazy stuff. It was a blast! Thanks, Rachel and Ms. Work's class for sharing your fun project with us. We hope you all learned some great new things from Stanley's trip to Oregon and from all the other Stanleys' travels around the country and the world.

Stanley's off in the mail today, and he's excited to get back to Ohio to celebrate Rachel's birthday on the 23rd. And, just to let you know, Stanley whispered in my ear that he heard there might be a vacation coming up this summer he'd like to go on, so keep that in mind!

Thanks again for letting us participate in the Stanley Homestay program. We hope to see Stanley again sometime, somewhere.

Hope you all have a great rest of your school year. WORK hard and learn lots!


Erin and Jeff

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