Sunday, December 14, 2008

Birthdays, bowling and bunco

Stanley had a great week last week. It took him a little while to recover from that exciting trip to DC, so he didn't do much for a week or so, but believe me, he has been making up for lost time since then!!!

Last week I (Auntie Erin) had a pretty big week, too, because it was my 43rd birthday on December 7th! We had a really fun time celebrating. Here's what we did...

This is the Rollin' Heads Underdog Sports bowling team that we bowl with. We are currently in fourth place in our league, and we're pretty excited because we're going to the playoffs next week. We're pretty sure we're going to win. We did last year! This week the whole team dressed up in a Hawaiian theme. We all wore leis and tropical shirts or sarongs or, in my case, a grass skirt (not real, of course).
Even our mascot, Max the bowling pin (a REAL bowling pin), dressed up in tropical attire. You can see what some of our other costumes were in other weeks as well if you look carefully at Max. One week was cape week, and can you guess what the other week was?? If you guessed fake mustache week, you're right! Do you like Stanley's fancy Hawaiian shirt? He thought he was pretty cool with that on! he also had a flower decoration that went around his waist, but it's not exactly his size, so it sort of covers up his pants. He's still wearing those pants with a darn hole in them!

This is me with my great cake Uncle Jeff baked for me. It was Turtle Brownies. YUMMMM! Stanley really enjoyed the brownies :)

Stanley also got to go to bunco later in the week. Bunco is a dice game, and it's really fun. Some of your moms might play bunco - and maybe you've even played. Stanley was pretty good at bunco, but what he really liked was the White Elephant gift exchange after we finished playing bunco.
Here's one of Stanley's throws of the dice. Since it was on TWOs, he did pretty well, and he got to roll again!

One of the white elephant gifts Stanley particularly liked was this multi spouted teapot from The Nutcracker.
He also really liked the Cahrlie Brown Christmas tree and this scary guy from Monsters, Inc. Isn't his name Mikey or something?

Well, that's it for Stanley's exciting week. Hope you're having a good week at school. WORK hard and learn lots!

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