Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stanley's big vacation!

Over Thanksgiving Stanley went to Washington, DC, with his swell new friends, Melissa and Neal, and he had a ball, although it was quite cold! Here are some pics from his trip!

Stanley was really excited to see the White House where the President gets to live. Did you know there's even a bowling alley in the White house?

Stanley also got to spend some time at the Air and space Museum.  A really great thing about the museums in Washington, DC, is that nearly all of them are free.  The Air and Space Museum has information about all kinds of flying things! There are exhibits about the first flights of the  Wright Brothers all the way to space exploration.  If you want to learn more about this museum, you can go to this link!

Stanley got to see two of Washington's famous buildings here. The tall skinny one is the Washington Monument. It's shaped like an obelisk and stands 555’ 5 1/8” tall. No building in DC is allowed to be taller than this monument. You can see for thirty miles on a clear day from the Washington Monument! Want to learn more? Click here!

Stanley also got to go to the National Zoo while he was in DC, and can you believe it, he got to see a real, live PANDA!!! I am certainly jealous of this. Once when I went to DC I went to the zoo to try and see the pandas, but no luck. Stanley for sure got lucky. He also got to see the elephants and lots of other animals. Here in Portland we have a new baby elephant at our zoo! Stanley said he really liked the zoo, so maybe over winter break we'll go up to the Oregon Zoo and check it out...but we will for sure not see any pandas! You can learn all kinds of things about the animals at the National Zoo on their fantastic website.

Just as Stanley was about to finish his sightseeing in DC, he had the startling discovery that there are other Stanleys out there! It was so exciting to meet this other Stanley who was visiting from San Francisco! both of them really liked the Merry-Go-Round.

Stanley wants to say a BIG thanks to Melissa and Neal for taking him on such an exciting vacation. He'll be back soon with pictures from Erin's birthday and bowling league - the theme was tropical, and he got a new shirt for the party! He looked quite spiffy!

Have a good week at school! WORK hard and learn lots!

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